Total Fiasco

by Glenn Robinson

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released December 12, 2012

Produced by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios, Providence, RI

Glenn Robinson - drums/guitar/bass/vocals/artwork
Brian Shovelton - guitar solos on "The Worst" and "I Really Shouldn't Bother"
Justin "Juice" McGovern - background vocals on "The Worst"

Additional background vocals - Sean Brown, Tom Moran, Chris Piquette

All songs written by Glenn Robinson except "No Action" by Elvis Costello.



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Glenn Robinson Rhode Island

Power Pop Punk from Rhode Island.

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Track Name: The Worst
I've got insecurities
But I'm gonna make them feel alright
You've got certain words for me
But I'm gonna make them sound alright

What a waste of a pretty face
Bad taste in a mental case
A pathetic waste of space - alright

I don't care what your future holds
You're gonna make it seem alright
You're bringing out the worst in me
I'm gonna make it feel alright

I've got insecurities
You've got certain words for me
Never take responsibility
You're bringing out the worst in me
Track Name: Desperate With Standards
Come out tonight don't let me down
Let's make a bad decision and run it into the ground
Nobody else can make me feel like you
Come out tonight and stop playing games
Though I'm willing to participate it's not the same
Nobody else can make me feel like you

Day to day you pull charades
And think you do it well
You're calculated, far from perfect
From a distance, nobody can tell

Come out tonight and break all of your plans
I'd break all of mine too if I had the chance
Nobody else can make me feel like you

Now you're back on track not under attack
Looking through the gutters for what's left
You gotta step back, watch it all collapse
Like I know you